O Rualdi is a family business with a long trajectory. Our know-how is rooted in the rural traditions of inland Galicia. We stay true to those roots, by keeping our production methods faithful to those of old. We combine those traditions with the most advanced tools and processes, strictly adhering to all sanitary guidelines. Thus obtaining only products of the highest quality .


The hills surrounding the Maceda valley belong to the San Mamede range. An extraordinary environment, full of history.

Back in the 13th Century, during the late Middle Ages, the king Alfonso X The Wise spent a period of his childhood in the Maceda castle. Here he learned the Galician language, which he later used to write the Cantigas de Santa María, the most remarkable literary work of Marian devotions written in the Iberian Peninsula, and texts of capital importance for being one of the richest sources of medieval Galician language. On top of the poetic and literary aspects, it can be said that they constitute the most important medieval collection of color miniatures and monophonic compositions, and one of the earliest examples of comic-like art in the West.

We can't overlook the proximity of the riverbank known as Ribeira Sacra, on its shore belonging to the Ourense province, not only because of its singular wines, but also its heritage, with18 monasteries, and a breathtaking landscape.

The vegetation in the area is also worth mentioning, with forests covered in oak, birch and chestnut trees, as well as the abundance of both gorse and tree heather, quite typical in inland Galicia.

It's in this singular corner of the world where O Rualdi finds the optimal conditions to continue the elaboration of our traditional cured meat products.


Our premises have been recenlty refurbished, with the goal of guaranteeing a safe space for our workers, and establishing the ideal place to persevere in the traditional elaboration methods we are known for, while producing under the highest safety standards.

Our principle is the implementation of technological advances to ensure the highest quality, while still regarding our family history and the accumulated knowledge we pride ourselves on.



We adhere to the traditional methods, stuffing our products in natural pork intestine, tied by hand, smoked with oak tree firewood, and dried out in the cold air of the mountains surrounding Maceda.

We use select pork meat, and we season it with the best condiments (paprika, garlic, onion, salt and oregano) to obtain our distinctive taste.


Our commitment to our surroundings:

We are very aware of the key role of honeybees, so we have installed beehives around us to contribute to pollination.

We carry out selective pruning to boost tree development, as well as stimulate branch formation and bloming, to ensure trees grow healthier and stronger.

We support proximity products. We fight for the local economy and we promote a style of production, elaboration and consumption of food that is more respecful with the environment and local traditions.


Respect for the environment:

We bet on the sale of product in bulk, to reduce unnecessary packaging, and to make it easier to buy the exact amount needed, avoiding food waste.

We utilize biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Use the appropriate recycling bin!

We have photovoltaic solar panels installed for the production of clean power.



You can find our products in most towns and cities in Galicia, as well as the larger cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.

Whether you're a wholesale or retail business, or even just someone who wants to try our products and is having some trouble finding them, you can visit our online store, or use the contact form. We will reply as soon as possible!